We create high level sustainable events through actions that really make the difference.


We measure the global impact of the events and flights.

We are making greener offices and promoting sustainable mobility alternatives.

We calculate, reduce and make up for the events CO2 cooperating with activities that have a good impact on local communities.


Choose venues, hotels, restaurants... that can be reached by public transportation, optimize shuttles buses for everyone or move people in e-cars (Tesla, Hybrids...), scooters or e-bikes! We offer charging points for electric cars, safe bike parking and helmets for everyone. So we turned the transfer into a quality experience, beneficial for all.


Be as digital as possible!

Use online invitations and Save the Date's, apps with the agenda,

webs and emails for online registrations and basic info, digital customer satisfaction surveys, online voting systems... 

And if you can't avoid using paper, just try to use recyclable paper and print both sides... or even use seed paper.


We help you find those spaces (venues, hotels) committed with the environment, with or without certifications but real assets, that recycle, reuse and reduce... that make you feel good, use renewable energies, offer rooms with natural light, have the latest audiovisual technology and you will love it for its design and location.


Many 4 * and 5 * hotels are very committed to the environment and have international sustaina-ble  certifications and practices.
Some even reward their clients by offsetting the carbon footprint, offering vouchers in their bars, giving them sustainable mobility options and making recycling easy.

Choose a hotel like this to be proud of the impact generated.


Try to use Km0 products, local producers, seasonal food, bio or eco-friendly products... so that your event is healthy, attractive, delicious and responsible with the planet.

We avoid the use of plastics and single-use papers, reduce waste, reuse more than recycle and make sure that the staging and service are impeccable. We also add plants and flowers and the result is excellent!


Imagine a plastic free event, nor in any printed matters, banners, roll ups, posters, signage, name badges... neither in gifts/gadgets and merchandising. It is possible!


We avoid the use of individual plastic water bottles, using water sources and fancy tritan bottles that we mark with your logo, to reinforce the brand image and help the planet. This does make a difference!


Inform the attendees, speakers, suppliers... everyone related to the event, even the press!

Give information about the innovative practices that you have applied or with new ones that can further improve the sustainability of the event ... and communicate the results of the same at the end of the event.

Let everyone know, and that your guests feel involved and proud to have been part of the change.


Day-to-day actions have an impact on our planet, known as  "carbon footprint".

To reduce or compensate for it, there are several formulas, all attractive and effective.

It is enough that you choose the one with which you feel more aligned and enjoy celebrating events because leaving a good impression on the planet, the local community and your assistants is POSSIBLE.

And we're going to help you get it!

Abile commits to 1.- fulfill the requirements established in the BIOSPHERE adhesion and objectives set in the World Summit on Sustainable Development 2015, COP 21 and World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20, 2.- carry out a sustainable management of its activities by adopting commitments aimed at preventing, eliminating or reducing impact 3.- continuous improvement in all areas of sustainability: social, economic and environmental, as well as customer satisfaction 4.- Promote the sustainability of the sector 5. - Motivate and train our staff 6.- Guarantee inclusion, parity, accessibility, a policy of non-discrimination and the fight against exploitation of any kind, with the aim of creating a better world for all.

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