H.R. Convention Zurich Barcelona 2014

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Client: ZURICH MULTINATIONAL INSURANCE Date: 10/09/2014 Type of event: CONVENTION Location: BARCELONA Nº people: 

Multinational Insurance company HR convention at LA MOLA by Hilton Double tree. 2 days of complete meetings at the GOLF el PRAT… driving golf carts!

They had the opportunity of sharing lunches, dinners and the main team building activity: to film a short movie representing the New HR Strategy… followed by a farewell dinner by the pool under a marvelous full moon… With a surprise: a Molecular Cocktails tasting!

Our aim: to create the best environment to deliver the company message to its HR team that starts a new Strategy based on CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

Also, an ad hoc app was created for this event, so they could have the agenda details, share comments, pictures, etc.

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Gabriel ferrater 2, 0817, Barcelona


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