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+ Creative

Get out of the box! Go further, THINK BIG, create a unique storytelling, Hyper-personalize, plan interactions, engaging and dynamic meetings and dare to try new formats to get closer to your audience

+ Sustainable

One day...or day one? Let’s start right now Planning sustainable chic events it’s easy cost effective and rewarding. 

If you’ve chosen this path, we can help you to start and go as far as you wish.

Feel good, feel proud... and enjoy the results since day one

+ Tecnological

Use technology to add value and make everything easier, faster, more flexible and 100% reliable. 

Consider remote, hybrid or even virtual events to minimize traveling, so as to increase impact and reach wider audiences. 

Worldwide Events & Incentives

20 years of experience

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Challenges achieved together with our clients, partners and suppliers have deserved these awards and recognitions worldwide!


Gold Award


Convention and Best Entertainment




Best Event


Agripina Awards

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Best Technical Production

Silver 2018, Gold 2019

Best Conference Gold 2007, 2015, 2019

Best Entertainment

Gold 2019

Jury Award 2019


Ranked Top #12 Best Agency in Spain 2021 and #1 in Barcelona

Best Corporate Convention Gold Award 2018

Fip Argentina


"Exceptional Event 2018" Bronze

Heavent Awards


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