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To our logistics, production, communication, incentives, and exclusive travel services, we add consulting to design sustainable high-level events, face to face or virtuals, through the application of simple practices that will make a difference and benefit everyone.


Venue finding, hotel booking, catering selection, transfer, staff for events (hostesses, guides, DJ's, photographers, artists, etc.), security, wifi mobile, team-building activities, CSR activities, decorations, cleaning service and recycling, design and production of gadgets and merchandising...

Just by choosing venues and hotels with sustainable practices or environmental certification, your event is automatically 60% more sustainable.


Digital graphic design and the possibility to adapt the art (ideally in recyclable or reusable materials).

Webs / apps design, online registration systems, save the dates and / or digital invitations, online evaluation surveys and corporate videos.

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(*partnership with the best production companies worldwide)

Project management (renders), renting audiovisual and technical material, covering the scenography (design, production and construc-tion) and shooting management.



(*en partnership)

Recycle, Reduce and Reuse... take care of your people, the local community and the planet.

Quality is not at odds with sustainability.



We work hand on hand with our clients to design and deliver product launches & conventions that exceed expectations. We organize internal and external meeting for both national and international clients.


We organize all kinds of meetings, innovating in the meeting design to help our clients reach their goals with their sessions. We use hackathons, dare to ask-sessions... and we also design specific dynamics for each meeting, so that it fits perfectly the content they're sharing.

We create ad-hoc dynamics for your event and needs, it's no longer just important what you say, but how you say it.


Program and strategy design ad- hoc, personalized attention 24/7, support for 3 in 1: a mix of convention + training + incentive, plane/train charters, support to obtain 100% ROI.



For TOP clients, a round the world trip in 32 days (private jet for 55 pax).

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