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Abile in London, BIG EVENTS ARE BACK!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Type of event: Annual Convention

Location: London

People: From 500 to 520 people

After 2 years of pandemic and postponing the event on 2 occasions, the big day finally arrived and we were able to celebrate the great annual convention of a multinational consulting company, a reference in its sector. 550 people coming from all over the world: Australia, USA, Asia, South America, Canada, Europe, defied the last blows of covid and with daily tests, a lot of desire and patience, they met, worked, enjoyed and shared many good moments.

4 intense days of meetings, plenary sessions, workshops, workshops, and a great exhibition helped them to learn and update their knowledge, put it into practice, and feel well prepared to offer more value to their customers every day. The dinners were the best networking moments, where they strengthened bonds and felt like a team, and for that... We looked for the 2 most spectacular locations in London (an old converted church and a genuine 1800s brewery) and created incredible experiences! Everything had to be fun, special, unique, and... sustainable, because for this company, as for us, demonstrating that sustainability and excellence go together was a key factor.

The group activity was short but intense! Seventeen 1960s double-decker buses (which offset twice their generated footprint) made them discover the real London while on board they were challenged with an online gymkhana created ad-hoc for the occasion. And while they were competing, they received a surprise visit from Prince William, James Bond, and QUEEN herself, who gave them "clues".

It all ended with the best rock concert of their lives at a farewell dinner that lasted from 7 pm until 3 am, almost 10 hours of non-stop dancing.

Between the formations and experiences, they all lived unique moments, which gave them value, made them stronger, more team, and above all, more friends.

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