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Christmas Event EMV Marine Barcelona 2017

Client: EMV MARINE Date: 02/01/2017 Event type: CHRISTMAS EVENT Location: BARCELONA N º of people: 33

For the first time, we have organized the EMV Marine Christmas event and the truth is that it has been a real pleasure! They began the activity in a gastronomic space in the center of Barcelona. The 33 guests arrived and were randomly assigned their kitchen equipment.

They were divided into groups of 4 people and they cooked at the same time different dishes/tapas for an hour and a half with the help of the chefs. They were also accompanied by an actor who was in charge of entertaining the activity and making it even more fun. They were able to produce authentic tapas, which they tasted at the end of the activity, along with three other dishes cooked by the chefs. After dinner, they had two hours of free bar and dancing in the same space.

We also present the guests with a nice set "hat apron" personalized with their logo.

It has been a pleasure working with them, and we wish them success in the 2018!

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