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Communication Congress Revlon Barcelona 2017

Client: REVLON Date: 07/2017 Type of event: Congress Location: Barcelona Nº of people: 290

Last week we celebrated the Revlon summer communication day, an annual event that combines an informative meeting, with activities that reinforce teamwork and links between departments, ending with a party on the beach... and everything with Summer Flavor.

Based on the Leif Motiv of the day (will it make the boat go faster?) an Ad-hoc activity was created to reinforce the message and give them a unique experience... so we rode the 1st REVLON CUP REGATTA... but, on the basis that each team built their own boat with cardboard boxes. Imagination to power... The more creative the better! The only condition is that it will float, crossing the pool without sinking in the shortest possible time to proclaim itself 2016 WINNER TEAM.Then, on the private beach of the club, the nearly 300 people dressed in red, formed among all a giant human heart, and to the sound of music they beat the company: REVLON LOVE IS ON .

Then they moved comfortably in the club locker rooms and enjoyed a Original appetizers on the terrace facing the sea, served by Moncho's Catering. Before dinner at the banquet, the synchronized swimming team of the CNB, they surprised the attendees with a wonderful performance... lighting their bodies with LEDs and displaying as a final note a large canvas with the company Logo.

A special day for a MemorABILE summer!

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