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Everis Summer Party 2019

Date: July 12th, 2019

Type of event: Summer Party


Nº of pax: 3.000

This summer we organised the annual Summer Party for Everis Barcelona, a technology consulting company. The event gathered 3.000 people in a huge and impressive location near Barcelona.

The client asked us to develop a concept around the 'Superheroes' theme, so we created their world and convert their employees in real ones! It consisted of a sustainable fully thematised cocktail dinner plus afterparty with a street dance show and a DJ, where the objective was to create cohesion, teamwork among the participants and have fun while celebrating the beginning of summer.

Through activities, an artist and the amazing customisation of the place, the attendees had a wonderful time and will never forget the experience we created for them.

We would love to work with you again next year!

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