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Gala Dinner in a country house Barcelona 2018


Date:  2018

Type of event: GALA DINNER


Nº of people: 300

We organized a Gala Dinner for a German Group of 300 Pax in Torre dels Lleons.

It started with a welcome cocktail and with an amazing menu. 

The dinner was planned outside in the gardens, with nice lightening and decoration, but on the day despite we were in June, the rain invited itself and forced us to go inside: ¡However, it was not problem !

We setup all the evening and technique inside, we manage a nice stage and decoration to give the impression that all was exactly planned in this way, not as a backup. 

After giving the awards, celebrating the Best Employees of the Company, chill music accompanied the dinner before the DJ set.

The evening was a success as much for the Company as for us!

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