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High Performance Journey Revlon Barcelona 2015

It all began in the offices, everyone had to come dressed in sport clothes and, as surprise, a few "Personal Trainers" were in charge of giving a fitness lesson to start the day with good energy!

Afterwards, they were sent to the C.A.R.

Our client wanted to send the following message: "we're betting on excellency and teamwork", so they decided to host their communication convention in the C.A.R., the sports high performance center in San Cugat, where some of the best national sportsman/woman train.

The parallelism was basic for their company, so there they organized first some training sessions and then, they lived the exposed in the sessions through unique activities, that asked for the best of themselves but without being competitive or aggressive. The aim was to create a sense of team and make them reach the top!

On the athletics track there were 4 tests: relay race, obstacles race (reverse, taken from 5 in 5, and dodging obstacles to reach the goal fast), "blind Hen" and finally: the "bomb" with water balloons.

To finish, a fantastic kick boxing session, for everyone at once, with some incredible coaches who ended up exhausted but loaded with good vibes. To wrap up the workshop, a wonderful pool party in a private club, summer buffet, good music, good atmosphere... and that ended up with almost everyone in the pool before returning to their homes. A magical day and a special night for a company that bets on giving and getting the best out of its employees.

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