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Iberia Convention PEPSICO Lisbon 2017

Client: PEPSICO Date: 26-28/02/2017


Location: LISBON

N º of People: 100

It was a pleasure for us to be able to attend PepsiCo at its annual meeting of the TOP 100 executives and celebrate Pepsico's 30 years in Portugal. The event was held in Lisbon, where our partner Luisa Fraga helped us to make everything perfect.

During two days of intense meetings, with a complete program with specialized speakers of high value and a speaker that concentrated in a few minutes all the messages that the company wanted to emphasize... even resorting to the magic, that elevated the message into a experience. Aligned with the brand's new healthy products, we included voluntary yoga and running sessions before breakfast, which had a very high turnout!

And to continue their respect for sustainability, the event was "paperless" with the help of the ad hoc APP that we created, where all attendees could see the agenda, upload and download the presentation documents, vote online and share photos and videos in the group chat.

Thanks Pepsico for your confidence!

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