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Incentive in Barcelona

Type of Event: Incentive

Dates: September 26th to 30th

Location: Barcelona

People: 11 Pax Senior Executives of an American multinational (Australia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Spain, UK...).

The entire management team chose Barcelona and our agency to create a tailor-made program and spend a few days together among colleagues, strengthening ties and enjoying time to get to know each other better, design strategies, and share projects in a friendly, very authentic, and very local environment. Therefore, we created a program that lived up to their expectations, which had to be very attractive and 100% sustainable.

Based on the circular economy and minimizing the carbon footprint, all the venues chosen had certifications, the transfers were made on foot or in hybrid or electric vehicles, and the cultural visits with private guides approached them in a very attractive way in our history and culture. Also, the chosen restaurants were the best sample of our gastronomy, always with local, seasonal products, demonstrating the quality and know-how of our most emblematic chefs and the result was... excellent.

Thanks again for trusting us!

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