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Internacional Convention Revlon Professional Madrid 2016

The Revlon Global Conference in Madrid was a huge success and a real pleasure to organize.

Nearly 150 guests coming from all over the world enjoyed 3 intensive days, in which each detailed was treated as gold.

The meetings took place at the great HESPERIA MADRID HOTEL, which really worked as a  close partner. Although the meeting space had a low ceiling and 2 columns, we managed , thanks to our production company, to change the look and feel of the room and create a unique & friendly atmosphere, that helped to transmit the corporate messages.

We combined 2 special and very different nights, as the aim was to surprise them and make them feel special and VIPS. First night was at the emblematic OLD CASINO where a private wine tasting was set just for them and a live opera performance welcomed all guests, followed by a Michelin star menu.

To reinforce the main corporate message (Change to WIN) we invited top speaker BEN HUNT DAVIS (gold medalist) to explain through its own experience the top changes to apply to win and it was really awesome.

After his encouraging speech, guests were invited to a PRIVATE TOUR AT THE BERNABEU FOOTBALL CLUB STADIUM , followed by a glimpse party with free style players, cheerleaders, virtual goal screen, a great Spanish gourmet dinner and closed with an exceptional surprise: the latest in spherification and molecular cuisine: molecular pearl containing cocktails like gin tonics, vodka and roses, ron and vanilla&coco…

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