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Llongueras National Convention Barcelona 2013

One of the biggest companies in the cosmetic field trusted ABILE to organize their Annual Convention in 2013 and we put all our effort to offer them our best to create an incrediABILE event!

It was a complete organization: from the introduction video edition, design and printing, selection of venues for lunch and gala dinner, shows, catering, hotels, audiovisuals, rooms, transfers, hostesses, models, customers' gifts... all under control and under the same premise: innovation and color.

Everything had to follow the same thread and be shocking, in order to thank the customers for their assistance, for them to take the key messages and have a pleasing reminder of the convention.

To innovate technologically we bet on the latest worldwide updates! We used augmented reality (AR) to present the new products and their packaging and the COOLUX system ("ipad effect" that converts any big screen in tactile) to surprise and add value to the content.

All the details were treated with special affection, we carefully selected the venues: for lunch, by the sea: "The Beach Club Mas INN in Barcelona, and for the gala dinner, the most fashionable private club, the most famous catering in the city, the prettiest models, the most innovative shows and the most modern transfers... All thought to delight, to please and to thank.

It was once again a fantastic teamwork: the client's involvement was crucial and thanks to his great team and the dedication, passion and precision of ours, we were able to do something great... that we hope to repeat and even improve!

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