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The Great Escape

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Type of Event: Incentive

Location: Panama

People: From 50 to 60 people

Dates: From 17th to 19th of June

When you're in the middle of winter, looking forward to seeing your people and changing your routine... Being invited to an incentive in Panama changes your life!

And that's what our client wanted: to cheer up the lives of all their executives, thank them for all their efforts, share good times with them, motivate them and leave the experience even more united, and everything was done in style!

We accommodated the group at the 5* Westin Playa Bonita, on the sand, surrounded by palm trees and only 20' from downtown Panama City. Early check-in for everyone, gifts in the rooms, lunches, and meals in different places, activities on the beach (paddle surfing, kayaking, yoga, and volleyball), and even a premium open bar: everything to make it a dream.

The first night, White Summer Party style, held on the 19th-floor terrace, transported them to the Ibiza of the '80s... And although they slept little (life is beautiful and you have to live it to the fullest) they got up early to embark on a wonderful private catamaran, which took them to the most turquoise beaches and coves. On board, there was good music, an open bar, lots of sunscreens, new and personalized sarongs, and good food that made it a super special day of relaxation.

In the evening (and following the "in crescendo" mode) they enjoyed a tropical-themed sunset and dinner on the sand. The sunset was free and it was spectacular and the party went on until untold hours.

On the third day, they still had enough strength to wake up with a "sunrise yoga" on the beach, walk the Punta Bruja trail, enjoy an exquisite breakfast and compete, giving it all, in the Olympics organized by them... Whoever laughed the most, won the most points!

Then it was time for the big siesta, under the palm trees... And thanks to the late checkout that they all had, they were able to embark more tanned, happier, and more relaxed than ever to their destinations where it is still winter.

The app that was created ad hoc for the event allowed them to continue chatting and uploading videos and photos until now, after a month... So the effects of the incentive linger on their skin and memories. And we must recognize that having the best local partners there made everything a success and a total pleasure to plan.

We are already dreaming of repeating...

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