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Pepsico Top 100 Meeting

Client: Pepsico

Date: 13th-14th February, 2019

Type of event: Top Managers Meeting


Nº of pax: 110

The event of Pepsico's Top Managers Meeting was a two-day convention with a participative format, ludic moments and a renowned speaker in a coast location near Barcelona. It gathered 110 top executives aiming to work on the company's future business plan & key projects.

Meetings, sports activities, team-building games such as "La Casa de Papel"/Money Heist escape-room, digital magic show, standing cocktails and chic dinners took place during the event, to generate engagement towards the company strategies and plans and achieve success.

It was an honor and a pleasure to organise such a meeting for Pepsico and we look forward for the next one!

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