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Let's play the summer premiere!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Type of Event: Corporate

Location: Barcelona

People: From 85 to 100 people

Dates: May 17th and 18th

Gaming is in fashion and one of the biggest companies entrusted us with a great challenge: to gather all their employees in Barcelona and make them feel the summer on their skin!

So we got to work looking for the best location for their meetings (of course, with high power wifi and furniture that exceeded their expectations (because this sector is not standard) and the best venues to fulfill their desires to live the summer that was coming.

We started challenging them with a paella workshop in a spectacular loft, with DJ, good ham, local products, drinks, and everything necessary to live good times together.

And the closing after 3 days of meetings? It could not be other than at the seashore! A sustainable gourmet dinner (which they loved), good music, a great atmosphere, and even sea baths under the full moon closed a convention that they will surely never forget.

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