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Tangelo Games - Networking Session Barcelona 2017


Date: 07/07/2017 Type of event: NETWORKING

location: BARCELONA

N º of People:

Tangelo games, a programming company for Online and mobile Video games, celebrated its summer convention yesterday with the aim of surprising and giving its employees a new, singular and especially fun experience that would make it a special and memorable day. They began by going to "blind" to space, as they came to all eyes and had to walk 300mt, simply trusting the indications that gave them 5 companions. Once there, and to start the day with energy they enjoyed a private class of KICK BOXING and at the end, everyone to the pool, where they expected the next surprise... navigate! But in a very special way: aboard the boats they were going to build! They had 45 ' to create by teams, the most stable, creative and "floating" boat with pieces of cardboard, mats and even masts and candles... that would compete in the TANGELO Regatta. The challenge: to go and return in the shortest possible time and without sinking...

The result was amazing! Lots of creativity, laughter, teamwork and good atmosphere... almost the ingredients of success. But it didn't end there! After the regatta and the pleasant bath were changed in the costumes of the club and were directed to the following activity: a MASTER CHEF Experience only for them, on a private terrace in front of the sea! The message: among all are able to do amazing things, something that they don't even imagine...And the truth is that they gave good proof because the result was applause! Again by groups had to prepare 2 gourmet recipes and battle to be the most creative presenting, the most delicious dishes and the best work team... and as a reward: a delicious paella and drinks in front of the sea... a perfect day and above all, memorABILE. It was a pleasure to share this day with Them.

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