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Virbac Paprec Gal Dinner in Barcelona 2011

The Virbac Paprec 3 was the winner of the Barcelona World Race 2010 - 2011 and ABILE was the agency chosen to organize their champion's dinner!

After 93 days of sailing around the world, overcoming numerous challenges, Loick Peyron & Jean-Pierre Dick crossed the finish line surrounded by multiple boats with their families, friends and sponsors in them. Their battle with Mapfre has done nothing but rise the value of this victory. They're not just 2 world-class sailors, also their team has performed in an incredible excellency level.

We were lucky to organize their champion's dinner and party, and it was such an emotional event... Surprisingly, they arrived at the restaurant 1881 of Musei d'Història de Catalunya as they've had sailed just that morning, but they had around 20.000 milles sailed on their backs!

Team members, clients, sponsors, people from the race's organization, or even the world-known sailor Jean Le Cam... nobody wanted to miss the event. It was an intense celebration, but also endearing, as they asked for, so the winner would feel covered by their family and friends after winning for the 2nd time this specially complicated regatta.

The restaurant was one more partner in this adventure. Aside from the high quality that the Sagardi group always exhibits, we could also count on an exceptional team, both the restaurant one and the one in their headquarters, all of them work with an impecable professionality, flexibility and talent. Without them we couldn't have had the great feedback we had from the client, so, from our side, THANKS!

This was an incredible experience and we wanted to share it with all of you, as this was one of the events that united head and heart... always following our motto: ‘German precision & Latin emotions’

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