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Activities in La Pedrera

One of the most touristic attractions of Barcelona just announced a change of names in its activities. Tomorrow, May 7th, they will start using this new set of names, but we want you to be aware in advance of what is included in each category.

La Pedrera Essencial (before: "La Pedrera by day")

Visit the place at your own pace with an audioguide.

La Pedrera Exclusive (before: "La Pedrera by day Premium")

Visit La Pedrera just before it's opened to the general public. The activity is designed for small groups and it includes a guided visit in English and a cup of coffee in "Café de la Pedrera", which belongs to the same building.

La Pedrera Night Experience (before: "Gaudí's Pedrera: The Origins")

Guided tour for small groups. Enjoy a show on the rooftop and a glass of cava in one of Barcelona's most famous buildings. You will also learn a bit of history about La Pedrera with some audio-visual screenings.

La Pedrera Experience and dinner (before: "La Pedrera day and night")

The visit starts during the day and finishes at night with a guided tour and a free audio guide for the day, so you can have both perspectives on the building. It includes a show at night together with a glass of cava.

They're also adding a new ticket option:

La Pedrera Premium Skip the queues and get in La Pedrera fast with your premium pass. It's an open-date ticket and it includes a free audio-guide.

Don't wait and enjoy this magical place in Barcelona

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