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All Staff Virtual Meeting

There's always a first time... The first kiss, the first bike, the first job... and the FIRST VIRTUAL EVENT! Nerves, enthusiasm, excitement and a great desire to live a new experience together, was the challenge that a world-leading biotechnology laboratory launched for us to celebrate its annual ALL STAFF MEETING and exceed all expectations of the attendees. A meeting that should be close, dynamic, intense and interesting. Where everyone shared ideas and knowledge, interacted with each other, got to know each other better and had fun. The technology and magic made it possible! With the help of a great master of ceremonies, the event flowed for 2 days, incorporating digital magic games between the talks, high-level presentations, a Room Escape inspired by La Casa de Papel, videos starring the staff and ending with a virtual tapas route... thanks to the surprise box that arrived the same day with different tapas and drinks to toast together for this first at the same time it was real! Thanks to all involved for making this possible!!! #virtualevents

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