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Best Worldwide Event 2018

It's time to celebrate! Last weekend we attended the BEA World Awards, known as the "Oscars" in the events industry and we are happy to share that we were awarded with 2 GOLD AWARDS together with BEON: BEST CONVENTION and BEST ENTERTAINMENT SHOW, for Revlon Professional "Style Masters Show 2018" in Barcelona. 4.000 happy guests, 1 happy client and 1 proud and happy team, willing to keep on delivering the most amazing events ever!

Thanks to Revlon Professional, American Crew and, specially to Miguel García Cotado, Eric Lauzat, Karl Joubrel, Carlos Pallares and Mónica Hidalgo... and last but not least, the rest of the team, for all your trust and support. Special thanks to Pablo Santos and Reyes Pernia, from our partner BEON, together we made it happen!!

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