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BTS Bootcamp... From Singapur to Barcelona!

Our client was going to organize a new hire orientation program in February in Singapore, but due to the Coronavirus situation in Asia, asked us to move it to Barcelona.

In 4 days, we managed to reorganize it all thanks to the support of our partners and our teamwork, speed and determination.

We could set up in 11 days training program for 65 people, including a plenary room, 6 workshops meeting rooms, 4 group dinners and 3 activities. We always tried to make them feel comfortable, safe and healthy, ensuring a smooth running of the event. All the event was designed to be highly sustainable, avoiding single use plastics, optimizing transportation, zero food-waste, proximity and seasonal menus, paperless, seed paper badges...

Our guests had a real taste of Barcelona, living experiences as if they were locals: authentic "calçotada", dinners at a beach club, "tapas"... The client was satisfied and we are happy to have helped them in these difficult times.

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