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Get started with Nordic Walking

As the name clearly states, the nordic walking has its origin in the European northern countries (Finland, Germany, Austria...), although it's been spreading out all over the world.

The nordic walking was born out of the exercise that cross-country skiers performed during the time of the year were snow was gone. It was long after that time, around the 90's, when this sport got more attention thanks to different articles and academic papers that dissected the technical side as well as its health benefits.

The said sport is gaining followers step by step. It consist on walking in a natural manner and, at the same time, using the sports canes with which you follow the natural swing of the arms. Even though it seems an easy exercise, when practicing the nordic walking you exercise 90% of your body's mussels.

It is the perfect activity for any group, because there are 0 problems in terms of amount of people, age, gender or physical conditions!

More info here: What is nordic walking?

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