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Great example of an event with purpose

Last week @bmwespana surprised with a REACTIVATOR event, betting on new formats in events (Open Cinema) and RSC. 400 guests at an IMPACT event. In order to attend, attendees had to record a choreography inside their cars and send it via instagram tagging @bmwespana..

Those selected went to the event, which, in addition to the cinema, began with a live concert and everyone danced from their cars, turning on the lights, honking their horns, putting their arms out the windows... And for each attendee, BMW donated 1 kg to the food bank. The impact for everyone has been enormous.

And from here we want not only to congratulate all those who made it possible, but to encourage you to celebrate your events... and follow the example of BMW, because "safety" and "enjoying real events" can go hand in hand.

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