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¿How to virtualize a corporate event?

And suddenly we woke up one day and... everything has changed.

But our need to communicate, to train, to meet and to learn is unstoppable... This need is and will be there. And in one way or another it has to continue.

It is time to test the virtual world. Although it is not new, it is more unknown, but we can give you peace of mind and confidence, since the platforms that allow virtual events are professional, have proven experience and can provide the service you need.

And we can even go a step further and innovate on HOW to use them so that they are really interactive, attractive, effective and arouse interest and admiration. Easily and from home.

How is it done?

1 - You pass us your briefing and we create the event for you... but this time already in a virtual way and faster. A 100% unique and customisable event, adjusted to your goals. As always.

2 - We design it and insert your documents, videos, supporting texts ... and / or create them ad hoc for the event, as if it were a face-to-face one.

3 - Then we script it nicely, taking care of the staging and production... Everything with your image and respecting your corporate image guidelines.

4 - Then we choose a good master of ceremonies, a director and a good alderman... so that on the day of the live connection everything is as attractive and immersive as when you travel... but with the advantage that they are all comfortably sitting at home and waiting to see what this new virtual experience will be like. It is your opportunity to surprise adding value!

5- At the end you will receive the report so that you know the real impact... identifying the areas for improvement and extracting all the data you need to know.

We also offer you previously tips and training capsules e.g. on "How to speak in public... when you are alone in front of a camera".

With communication specialists and professional actors who will help you, directly and privately, to transmit the message with strength and confidence, to overcome this challenge! Knowing that the day of the event you can count on them to streamline the sessions.

The same with the speakers. Many of them are happy to connect online, both live and pre-recorded, so that everything is as always

We are improving the present, since the platforms incorporate simultaneous translation tools that work very well, team games, interactive voting, surveys, chats... even room escape's on line!

Good reasons to consider! Let's make the events of the future together; more creative, more technological and more sustainable.

Here you have us at your disposal to start from NOW.

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