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Landing in Pandora!

On January 12th, we held the Cycle Meeting of one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the sector, and it was a real success! Once again, a 100% safe & hybrid event, with the attendees connected to our streaming, and 10 speakers on the TV Set. In the last event, we were on Mars... in this one, we landed on Pandora! What does the future hold? Nobody knows! But what we do know is that being able to work as a team, with trusted suppliers, such as the master of ceremonies and the technical team, who give themselves 100%, and such enthusiastic clients, it's amazing, and it is what allows us to guarantee the success of our events. Again, we have offset the carbon footprint of this event, to make it a carbon-neutral event. Thank you to our client for trusting us again, for challenging us, and for motivating us to exceed expectations at each event!

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