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National Retail Meeting

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Did someone say that virtual events are not close? Here we are, all excited after an amazing and successful event. A 100% safe, with 180 attendees connected in streaming, and 8 speakers on the TV set, all of whom have gone through an antigen test (as well as all the staff and technical team) in addition they kept their distance and use of the facemask all the time (except when they were live). A hybrid event, with a platform for the streaming, interaction tools, a TV set, an incredible production, a spectacular room escape, and even with delivery of sustainable boxes @ThePlanetChef at home for all attendees, with snacks, champagne and 3D Glasses. It has been a real pleasure to be able to work as a team, and above all, to have our trusted suppliers, who have always been willing to give their best, so that together, we could guarantee the success of this event. In addition, it has been an event with policies of zero single-use plastic, and zero waste, since the printed matters have been made on plantable seed paper, and edible paper, so as not to leave a footprint. Finally, we have offset the carbon footprint of this event, so that we can make it carbon neutral. Thanks to Jordi Nexus, our AV's and catering partners, and of course to the client, everyone did an amazing job! We have achieved the objectives and even exceeded expectations!

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