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National Retail Meeting III

In one word: SPECTACULAR"

- General Direction

Once again, we've organized the National Retail Meeting of a leading Pharmaceutical Laboratory in its therapeutic areas. This time, we've gone beyond the creation of a unique story telling linked to its objectives and messages; beyond the realization, with virtual scenarios of the highest level and beyond connecting 11 teams in 11 different venues producing a totally 'engaging' hybrid event... We are not saying it, but our client:

You have perfectly understood the messages we wanted to transmit and you have shaped it into an extraordinary story. When we had to modify the story due to unforeseen events in the market, you have solved it brilliantly with a masterful turn of the story in record time. We wanted to exceed expectations and you have achieved it: a ten in creativity, execution, human quality, flexibility and environmental sensitivity ... you have made it easy for us, we have felt part of the same team with you, it has been a pleasure working with you, THANK YOU for helping us.

- From the management team of the company

"You have helped us to excite and motivate the team to come out plugged in with all the energy and determination in the world to exceed goals."

"We have come out with so much STRENGTH, ILLUSION AND CONFIDENCE that we are sure that we will achieve everything we set out to do. Very different and fun meeting, waiting to see what you can think of for the next one. In one word, AWESOME!!!"

- Sales Team

Thanks to our technology partners and the master of ceremonies, who repeat the event ... and we will surely continue to count on them in the future, as the client loves them. Thank you also to our client for keep trusting us, for challenging us and for motivating us to exceed expectations in each event!

- Abile Team & Partners

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