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Big 500 Pax Family Day in Barcelona

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Type of Event: Corporate

Location: Barcelona

People: 300 - 500 Pax

Date: September 3rd

Our client, a large chemical company, wanted to entertain its employees with a big "family day" at its facilities in Barcelona.

The objective was to recognize and thank the almost 500 employees for their effort, dedication, and commitment and to allow them to share the pride of belonging to the company with their family, friends, and relatives. They were welcomed by the DG and the HR Director, who acted as hosts and greeted each one of them personally.

So we had to make sure we put together a program of engaging activities for all ages. For the little ones, we set up a toy library, face painting, inflatables, mini golf, and giant wooden games for the whole family. For the teenagers F1 simulators and for the older ones... guided tours of the facilities and many points of food, drink, and good music.

In line with their commitment to sustainability, we did waste management, we used reusable materials, the water service was with fountains and they gave away cool refillable bottles, the rest of the drinks were served in large bottles or cans to generate minimum waste and impact.

A nice outdoor dinner with vintage food trucks, a live DJ, friendly hostesses, raffles, awards, Oktoberfest's wooden tables style, garlands of lights to give that festive touch, a sunset of applause (that came for free), and also... Surprise, 2 close-up magicians who were surprising everyone throughout the night to give it that magical touch that will make it memorable.

With companies like this, it's normal for their employees to break records for years! We encourage you to follow their example and schedule your family day, we'll be happy to help you.

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