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Summer Party Everis 3.000pax Barcelona 2018

Client: EVERIS

Date: 29/06/2018

Type of Event: SUMMER EVENT


Nº of people: 3.000

3000 Barcelona employees were invited to attend their annual event and the challenge was to offer them a unique experience, make them really feel part of the company, create activities to interact with their colleagues, experience the values in an effective way, and of course, have a good time.

We proposed to the international consultant company (operating worldwide) to mix both cultures and values and create a new atmosphere: BARCELOKYO

Living statues, like the ones in Las Ramblas, representing Japanese heroes, welcomed all the guests and professional local actors performing as  "lost Japanese tourists" interacted with everyone along the red carpet, surprising guests and making them smile.

Even if the access was controlled, the flow worked perfectly and guests entered the venue easily.

Once inside, they could choose among a variety of activities to enjoy with their colleagues: A giant "bubble foot" competition (in reference to TOKYO 2020 Olympic games and sport values), moto GP simulators, cosplay with a giant photocall, innovative photobooth..., meanwhile a live DJ was playing to create a great ambient and the catering was serving original Japanese KAKIGURIS, drinks and snacks.

Standing cocktail dinner was served in buffet format, mixing JAPANESE food (sushi, yakisoba, makis, teppanyaki's...) and local traditional food (fideuá, croquettes, spanish ham and cheeses...) in order to enjoy the best of both worlds. Some  smiling "sumo waiters" were offering along the night warm delicious snacks and bars were open since the very beginning to make the party memorable.

But the greatest surprise arrived once the dinner was over.... Lights were turned off  and suddendly...the party was opened with an HOLOGRAFIC performance of a local band. They looked to be there, on stage playing...but they were not! It was just their holograms!

After 2 songs, the real band appeared and kept playing live before the DJ made the rest, choosing the best themes to make them dance all night long.

At the closing, shuttles were organized for all and the happy guests jumped on the buses that left them in the city center in less than 15'.

It has been a pleasure being part of this project, that again, was possible thanks to our friends/suppliers like BEON, Krisalia, Wilo, the band Ciao Marina and Julià, who really made the preparation and the on site, professional, nice and stressless.

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