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We do not sell events, we offer solutions

Solutions to organize virtual events in the simplest and most efficient way; offering the 5 basic pillars:

1.- The IDEA / CONCEPT / CREATIVITY ... the STORYTELLING and common thread to create a memorable event that helps you to achieve and exceed your goals ... and that will be what will really make the difference.

2.- Select the ESPACE from where to broadcast the event (Esklandestino in BCN and Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid).

3.- Choose the PLATFORM, webapp / landing page from which the invitations will come out, people can register, you will post the agenda, the videos and documents that you want to share ...

4.- Take care of the REALIZATION and bet on that TV program style so that it is more dynamic, participatory, surprising, generating a good SCRIPT and relying on good graphic content. From basic, to medium ... that adds chroma and infographics to the upper one, which has no limits and adds 3D resources, augmented reality, etc ...

5.- And ensure the best STREAMING so that the connection is secure, with zero latency (no delay) and everyone enjoys the experience.

All this will allow you to concentrate on your message and objectives, because we take care of the rest.

We also offer online teambuilding activities, renowned speakers, national and international artists ... everything to train, generate a team and make emotions cross the screens.

Finally, we are committed to sustainable and solidarity events and each one that we celebrate, we plant a tree and help a cause or NGO.

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