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When you celebrate New Year's Eve... On December 15th

Type of Event: Corporate

Date: December 15th

People: 180 Pax

Location: Barcelona

What do you do if you have employees from all over the world if you have opted for cultural diversity and not everyone celebrates Christmas or even... or not even in the same way? Then you celebrate New Year's Eve, which is universal! And by adding traditions and the best of each culture, of each gastronomy you build an inclusive, unique, and very special event where everyone feels a little bit at home and part of something BIG.

For this event, we chose an innovative, modern but cozy, trendy, and surprising place, which also helped us a lot with their ideas and solutions: Valkiria Hub. Together we planned an intense and impressive program... and we had fun imagining the ambiance of the room, which they did. The catering was also very important since, in addition to being sustainable, using gourmet products from Km0, serving them in reusable materials, and managing waste, it was adapted to the theme and we reinvented stations of Asian, Mexican, American, Italian, and Spanish cuisine...

The program was intense with the objective that at all times "things happened" to help them interact with each other, get to know each other better, relax together and create unique moments: A "batucada led" surprised them during the aperitif; several games of wit for them to interact; a fun photocall; edible flags; 3 magicians specialized in close-up magic walked among them surprising them at all times with impossible tricks... And there was even a dance master class to get them started and keep them going, making the dinner a total party.

An event they will surely remember.

Thanks to all the suppliers who made it possible, to the client for trusting us, and to our Project Manager, Ana, who put in tons of hours, love, and ideas to have a result "exceeding expectations".

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