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Why do I keep going to trade fairs and workshops?

This morning, before my alarm clock went off at 5.30am, I was wondering why I keep going, as a hosted buyer, to trade shows around the world. Many of them involve early mornings, appointment marathons, stress of having to combine appointments with the day to day of the agency, eating fast and bad, greeting a thousand people who want to sell you their stuff... And the conclusion is... because it's worth it!

And in fact, it is a privilege. In each of them I meet all my friends from the sector (colleagues from the competition whom I admire, loyal suppliers) whom I love to see again. I meet very interesting people from all over the world, inspiring people from whom I learn a lot and with whom it is nice to share ideas, coffees, moments, projects... I discover new spaces, suppliers, destinations, places to realize that there is so much to experience, to offer, to enjoy! And I imagine your events in amazing and wonderful places. If I were to sit at the agency... I would miss so much!

So here I am, at 10,000 meters above sea level, flying to IMEX, ready to make the 10,000 steps a day walking around the fair, with the same enthusiasm of 20 years ago to learn, “go back to school” by signing up for all the sustainability and IA trainings and bring you back new ideas to make your events the most: more creative, 100% unique and proudly sustainable.

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