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You would also like to be in this team-building...

Yesterday June 29th Puig had their summer team-building, 140pax, in a place you would love and in a way you would also want to try....

First, they went to lunch at a viewpoint in a restaurant overlooking some SPECTACULAR vineyards where they enjoyed a personalized sustainable menu for all attendees, Km0 and seasonal!

There they celebrated some birthdays and got to know each other better, sitting at 10 round tables.

Then, we moved them to a nearby farm and, by teams, they did a gymkhana with a message, with meaning, without creating or destroying anything, which encouraged teamwork and above all laughter!

The winning teams were announced and a DJ came to cheer them up and finish the day with an open bar and music. [also free candy bar ;)] What better plan?

After the event, they voluntarily went to do an after-work together... Objective achieved!

Do you also want to have such a nice, special and memorable day with your team?

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