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Zurich’s Managers Meeting: this year's most sustainable, creative and technological event!

Client: Zurich

Date: 14 y 15 de Noviembre, 2019

Type of event: Reunión de Directivos


Pax: 160

Planned as such from the beginning to the end, during 2 days Zurich invited its top executives to meet in a 100% certified sustainable venue to analyze the last company achievements and set up the new strategy for the period 2020-2022. Everything had to be creative, using technology in a spectacular way to generate high impact, boost productivity, manage to convey its key messages, present its innovative initiatives and make everyone proud of the good mark that the event was going to create for the planet. And they did it.

A futuristic staging representing an spaceship voyage: a 5 LED screens composition where the presentations took part synchronized into a dynamic video that gave the uninterruptedly feeling of being traveling in space at all times... while the assistants were sitting in comfortable armchairs… as well as when this chairs "automatically disappeared under the ground", -in less than 10 minutes-, making the stand-up intergalactic experience even more realistic.

During the event, the measure of its CO2 production was displayed and at the end of it, everyone had the opportunity to compensate it and reset to zero.

Local, fresh and season products were served creatively by a sustainable catering, what made them enjoy a delicious and responsible meal, producing zero waste, with creative resources as original as an eatable menu! Zero single-use plastics, apps to avoid printing needless papers and, when it was important to have it printed, using planted seed papers to leave a legacy instead of more garbage.

Real inclusion: professionals with disabilities working during all the event showed us how valuable is having them.

As a climax, a Design Thinking and a Corporate Magic Show made the assistants leave the comfort zone by learning that’s possible to simply see different and effective solutions! There was also an Awards and recognition session, not only to congratulate colleagues and teams, but also to motivate everyone to give it all on this mission to the future.

Transfers were made in super ecological buses, which not only freed the planet from the “bad smoke” but also reinforced them as a team, enjoying memorable unique moments, marked as a “before and after”.

It has been a pleasure making part in this challenge, putting into practice the concepts of sustainability that really make the difference and make us feel good.

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